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Giovanni Macchioni - SERIATE (Lombardia) - Raccomandazioni: 1 | Feedback: 18 |

VENDO | Skywatcher | SKYWATCHER MAK 150/1800 GOLD

Vendo l'ottica in oggetto molto performante nel planetario e per poter finanziare altro progetto...insieme regalo oculare plossl da 25mm celestron ,diagonale , e cercatore- Escluse spese spedizione e consegna a mano
Prezzo: 380.00 €

21 Febbraio 2017
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Giovanni Macchioni - SERIATE (Lombardia) - Raccomandazioni: 1 | Feedback: 18 |

VENDO | Celestron | skyris 274M - celestron

Vendo questa performante camera ccd per planetario in particolare per sole e luna 1600x1200- Prezzo del nuovo 922€- a seguire le caratteristiche tecniche in inglese: Skyris Model 274 M: This is has largest sensor, delivering the maximum field of view and the largest resolution for monochrome photography - ideal for Sun and Moon. Sensor: Sony ICX274AL monochrome CCD The brand new Celestron Skyris CCD cameras - for beginners and advanced imagers For years now, The Imaging Source has been producing high-quality CCD cameras that allow astronomers to take their planetary photography from a simple hobby up to a more serious level. Working together with Celestron, The Imaging Source has now developed a new generation of astronomical CCD cameras: Skyris. Each of the six new Skyris camera models is equally suitable for beginners or experienced planetary photographers. The sharp, high resolution images they allow will give you completely new insights into the Solar System. The quality electronics - including Sony CCD sensors and USB 3.0 ports - allows very short exposure times, essentially 'freezing' atmospheric turbulence. Their 12-bit dynamic range is superior to the simpler 8-bit planetary cameras; and the fine colour and brightness gradations available mean better reproduction. The camera housing with cooling fins, designed by Celestron, allows for improved heat dissipation, thus reducing image noise. The Celestron iCap software included is a complete solution for capturing, filtering, aligning, and exporting your best images. Essential accessories, such a 1.25 inch metal eyepiece and a three meter long USB cable, are also included in delivery. An IR blocking filter is also available as an option. The advantages of Skyris cameras in a nutshell: new and improved Sony CCD sensors USB 3.0 for higher frame rate 12-bit dynamic range for accurate colour and greyscale gradations new housing with cooling fins - improves heat dissipation and reduces noise new firmware and software, making it easier than ever to achieve excellent results Intended use of the camera Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Neptune - good Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - not very good entire lunar disk - very good detail of lunar disk - very good entire solar disk - very good detail of solar disk - very good
Prezzo: 400.00 €

10 Dicembre 2016
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