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Vendo: Sharpstar 94mm EDPH f/5.5 Triplet Apo - ONE OF A KIND - special customization

Post su Astronomy in: Telescopi il 20 Novembre 2023

CHIUSO For sale my beautifull Sharpstar 94mm EDPH f/5.5 Triplet Apo refractor, specially customized, and its definetly one of a kind in world!

Telescope provide fantasticly SHARP, and absolutely colour free images even out of focus on both sides, even at 400x if you are using 2" PRIMS in monoviewing mode!!!

When using binoviewers with all prism system, colour free images you can achieve using MIRROR diagonal!

If you are using binoviewers like APO SS binoviewer which contains mirrors, you get absolutely colour free images even at 500x, even out of focus, if you using Baader T2 Zeiss spec prism!

Telescope collimation is PERFECT!

Telescope tubus is cutted 9.5cm, so telescope is finally binoviewers friendly!!!

There is made special adapter (additionally paid 80 Euros-custom made CNC machined adapter-silver rendered ring you can see on pictures) with threads on both sides, nicely rendered, who connects cutted tubus parts, so you can actually use also surplus cutted tubus as well for monoviewing (on all sides on all parts are made quality, fine, precise threads, so all works that you just unscrew part you dont need to use).

Cutting tubus and making threads on both sides of cutted tubuses, paid 70 Euros.

I put Nyogen 767A expensive and superstrong gerasse on focusser gear, so now focusser is WAY stronger than before, and works MUCH nicer than before, I would say in absolutely same class with superexpensive Starlight Instruments Feather Touch focussers.

I am first owner, and purchased it several weeks back, and I njoyed in it a LOT, almost every day and every night enjoying in it.

Glass and mechanics are is in like NEW condition from shop!!!
Original bottom Vixen rail is also like NEW condition!

Instead heavy case, Im including way better, and safer and nicer Geoptik soft bag which I additionally purchased!

Telescope weight when removed extension: 3.5kg
Telescope weight with added extension: 3.8kg

Telescope lenght when removed extension: 43cm when dew shield retracted

Telescope lenght with added extension: 52cm when dew shield retracted

New whole telescope with such modification costs approx 1780 Euros with included shipping!!!

My price for this modified telescope is 999 Euros only with included shipping to you anywhere worldwide!

I have additionally for sale this telescope original 0,8x Reducer, which costs way over 320 Euros new.

Im selling it in like new condition for addtional 150 Euros only when you buy telescope.

It can be used with binoviewers as well-a lot of play possibilities.

Payment methods accepted:
Cash on hands,
Cryptocurrency (stablecoins BUSD, USDT, USDC), Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Bank transfer.

Kind regards and all best
Clear Skies
Denis, binoviewers expert

20 Novembre 2023
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