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Peter O - LUBIANA (Friuli) - Feedback: 6 |

VENDO | Borg | Borg components

I have the following used Borg components for sale: Part #7050 2x - 80 Dia. 50mm Tube (white) = 38 EUR / item Part #7083 2x - Tube Band MDX for 77EDII & 101ED = 58 EUR per set Part #7522 - M57 to M36.4 /M42p0.75 T-thread Adapter = 30 EUR Apart from minor cosmetic signs of use (especially some scratches on one #7050 item), all in good condition. Shipping to Italy ca. 5 - 15 EUR, depends on weight and number of items. !!! Potete scrivermi anche in italiano.!!!

29 Ottobre 2023
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Peter O - LUBIANA (Friuli) - Feedback: 6 |

VENDO | Baader planetarium | Seletek Armadillo V1 Motofocus

For sale - used Seletek Armadillo (V1) control box for motorized focusers, with 2 stepper motors. IMPORTANT - The main USB port on the device is not working. A mini-USB port normally used for firmware upgrades can be used for PC control (and I've done so for several years). But this recently stopped working in Windows 10, as Microsoft removed driver support for that mini-USB port (according to manufacturer's info). So the PC control via USB only works on older, non-updated Windows 10 installations and on Windows 7 computers. Also included is a home made handbox, that can be used for stepper motor control (just one, as it connects to one of 2 serial ports on the device). Delivery consists of: - Seletek Armadillo (V1) control unit - 12V cable - 2 Stepper motors for Seletek Armadillo + DB9 cables - Installation kit for Baader Steeltrack (older modell) 2" SCT focuser - Installation kit for Orion Optics UK 2" OC1 focuser Shipping to Italy ca. 15 EUR. !!! Potete scrivermi anche in italiano.!!!
Prezzo: 70.00 €

28 Agosto 2023
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